Help your children navigate growing up by joining the fun & rewarding world of LeapSpring.

LeapSpring offers easy to use solutions that empower parents to lead, prepare kids to succeed, and connect the family as a true team.

LeapSpring is active kids, satisfied parents and happy families

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Families face unique challenges today, requiring new solutions. LeapSpring is dedicated to developing and delivering effective, easy to use solutions that empower parents to lead, prepare kids to succeed, and connect the family as a true team.

My Job Chart is the leading kids app for teaching about work ethic, time management and being smart with money. It’s the unique way to grow responsible kids into responsible adults.

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Help your child develop character and have fun while doing it. Zingity is the first app designed to help keep kids active, entertained and building upon important character traits.

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About Us

LeapSpring offers easy to use solutions that empower parents to lead, prepare kids to succeed, and connect the family as a true team.

Time flies when you are having fun and LeapSpring, Inc. is providing families with products that inspire, encourage, motivate and reward. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, LeapSpring, Inc. is the parent company for My Job Chart – the fastest growing online job and reward app for kids, and Zingity – the first website designed to help keep kids active and entertained while building upon important character traits.

LeapSpring, Inc. has gone to great lengths to ensure its products help families deal with the basic issues surrounding raising kids in this modern world. My Job Chart and Zingity were created with modern kids and busy parents in mind. After all, the LeapSpring, Inc. team consists entirely of parents, who know the challenges of raising modern kids first hand.

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“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know this program is fantastic! I have tried several ways to get my children inspired to consistently help around the house, be more motivated and learn how to be responsible with money. The site is really easy for them to use and I can manage it with very little effort. Thanks for your help!”

Clyde Carr
Phoenix, AZ

“My Job Chart has been a game-changer in our household! Thanks for making it so easy to use!”

Rita Packard
Chicago, IL

“We have been looking for a way to have our children learn how to be responsible, and now we have it. You guys have really nailed it and I don’t have to yell as much. Thank you!”

Carol Livenhood
Memphis, TN

“Where were you guys when I my older children were 10? My kids have really benefited from the consistency that My Job Chart delivers everyday.”

Pam Smith
Birmingham, AL

“I was never a big believer in chores and allowance until I gave My Job Chart a try. My kids love getting an allowance and sometimes they make it a competition to see who can do the most around the house.”

Mitch Fairchild
Houston, TX

“As a family of 6, organization and simplification is a must. My Job Chart helps my wife and I with both, while also highlighting the importance of responsibility. Through the easy to use interface and the keen visualizations to measure their success, My Job Chart helps us teach our children valuable lessons around saving, sharing, and spending…all of which are life lessons. To top it off, the LeapSpring team puts their words into action, by clearly demonstrating to others what it takes lead a responsible, service oriented family. The products of LeapSpring will always be a part of our family.”

Scott Wilson
Olathe, KS

Kids are raised by more than just their parents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did LeapSpring start?

A: Though LeapSpring is relatively new the people behind it have been working with parents and kids for many years. The company now has two apps – My Job Chart and Zingity – that are designed to provide families with possible solutions to typical kid problems.

Q: What is My Job Chart?

A: My Job Chart is the fastest-growing website for parents interested in having their kids know about earning, spending, saving and sharing money. My Job Chart modernized the old “chore chart” by using the latest technology to get kids to help around the house and learn basic principles about money along the way.  My Job Chart teaches responsibility, accountability and money management to kids 5 to 15, but also allows kids to help others by supporting charities.

Q: What is Zingity?

A: The newest product from LeapSping and the only app with activities tied to specific character traits. Just like a child learns sportsmanship by playing sports or determination by not quitting, Zingity instills certain character traits by completing various activities. Along the way, kids also earn points, badges and other rewards.

Q: How much do these apps cost?

A: The apps are free to download and begin using. While My Job Chart is completely free, Zingity does have some items that can be purchased inside the app.

Q: Why do you have so many charities?

A: Working with charities is one of the foundations of our organization. We believe it’s important for kids to be good givers by supporting charities with either time or money. We partner with charities to provide our members a small snapshot of the charities that can be helped. Our members can work with these organizations or insert ones they want.

Q: What are the typical ages that use these apps?

A: The ideal range is 5-15, but we believe there is more than enough to do in both apps for kids younger or older.

Q: Are these apps IOS and Android?

A: My Job Chart is currently available in both formats. Zingity will be available immediately in IOS and about a month later for Android mobile devices.

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Executive Team

Gregg Murset, CEO

A father of six, Gregg is a certified financial planner and consultant who has become a leading advocate for sound parenting, family accountability and financial literacy. He first developed My Job Chart when he found nothing available to help teach his kids the necessary financial principles they would need as adults. He was named Chairman of 2014 “Smart Money Week” for the state of Arizona and the National Financial Educators Council 2014 Financial Education Instructor of the Year. In 2014, he took his family on a pair of RV trips to help struggling families and non-profit organizations that help others. Overall, they traveled nearly 10,000 miles and stopped to help in 22 different cities from coast-to-coast in just 31 days.

Mike Prusinski, President

As a father of three, Mike knows the challenges of career and family first hand. Prior to joining LeapSpring, Mike served as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for LifeLock. During his tenure there, he helped transform LifeLock into one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., for which he was honored with an International Business Award. Mike has nearly 30 years of public relations, marketing and strategic business experience in both corporate and sports arenas. It’s his unique background that drives his passion for building winning teams, playing fair and setting a game plan to outscore the opposition.

Mike Ray, Chief Technology Officer

Mike, the father of seven, has a broad base of technical and business experience in the discipline of software design and technology application development. His technology base experience comes from ventures in banking, direct marketing, justice, retail, construction, insurance, warehouse management, supply-chain, logistics, Internet services, e-learning, and digital media. During his career, he has advised or worked for Andersen Consulting, Apple Computer, MicroAge, SkyMall, KnowledgeNet and WebPT.